Welcome to Astro 405/505 for Fall 2002!

Instructors: Prof. Steven Kawaler and Prof. David Carter-Lewis


From the course catalog:

Astro 405. Astrophysics (Dual-listed with 505.)
(3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: 342 or 346; Math 266.
Survey of astrophysics at an advanced level. Physics of stars, galaxies, and the universe. Stellar spectra, structure and evolution. Origin of the elements. Black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs. Large scale structure of the universe, dark matter, Big Bang Cosmology.

We meet at 3:10-4:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Room 43 Physics.

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Resources: Textbook

An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics by Brad Carroll and Dale Ostlie, published by Addison Wesley

available at the University Bookstore for about $130 (new), or about $90 (used). You can also probably find it for less (and maybe significantly less) at used book sites such as AddAll.

Be sure to get the thick one (orange cover, over 1400 pages) and NOT the '... Stellar Astrophysics' version. Good luck!

Resources: Journals

As seniors and graduate students, you should be able to read the 'technical' literature of any physical science and at least glean some things of interest (assuming you can get through the jargon of the field). To that end, we include links to the main journals of astronomy - have a glance occasionally at the current online journals to see how the field is doing! All are available from ISU-based computers via the WWW.

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