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Instructor: Prof. Steven Kawaler

From the course catalog:

Astro 580. Stellar Astrophysics. (3-0) Cr. 3. Prereq: 405 or 505.
Prereq: 405 or 505. The interior structure and atmospheric properties of stars: Stellar structure equations and constitutive relations: energy generation, energy transport by radiation and convection; equation of state, nuclear energy generation and nucleosynthesis. Numerical and analytic solutions to the equations of structure and evolution. Observational connections through the theory of radiative transfer. Line and continuum processes and sources of opacity. Non-LTE and statistical equilibrium. Line profiles. Interpretation of stellar spectra: temperature, pressure, and abundance determinations. Stellar evolution from formation to final phases.

We meet Tuesday and Thursday, 4:10-5:25 in Physics 38

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As graduate students, you should be able to read the 'technical' literature of any physical science and at least glean some things of interest (assuming you can get through the jargon of the field). To that end, here are links to the main journals of astronomy - have a glance occasionally at the current online journals to see how the field is doing! All are available from ISU-based computers via the WWW.

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