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(here is what I look like.)
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Third Contact in Aruba!
February 26, 1998, 2:12PM
Photo © 1998; S. & L. Kawaler

Saturn, January 12, 2003,
Questar + Quickcam

Lunar Eclipse,
May 15, 2003
Third Contact Brandon, Manitoba
February 26, 1979, 10:46AM
Photo © 1979; S. Kawaler


Astro 150: Stars, Galaxies, & Cosmology (Fall 2020)

Astro 580: Stellar Astrophysics (Spring 2020)

Astro 120: The Sky and the Solar System (Fall 2019)

Astro 250: Astronomy Bizarre (Spring 2014)

Astro 342: Solar System Astronomy (Fall 2006)

Astro 405/505: Astrophysics
(Fall 2002)

Other Astro courses at ISU


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